We are the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education Students also known as B.A.R.E. We come from different places with different languages all over the Philippines. Though we are far from our loved-ones, still we strive to finish our course no matter what happens. Our main purpose why we are studying here at Sunrise Christian College is to be a well-grounded, self-supporting preacher in the near future...more>> 
The Search for Mr.&Ms. SCC 2007  Posted by: Jane Matidios BARE-I In line with the theme, " ", SCC aims not only to hone students’ skills and abilities in sports, LitMus (Literary and Musical Contest) and dance competitions but also to promote confidence within the students who are said to be possessing the charm, beauty and wit. It has been an annual practice of the school to look for... more>>

National Ladies' Retreat 2008 posted by phbrent September 7, 2007 The Churches of Christ in the Philippines is holding a National Ladies Retreat annually that started way back1976 to develop love and lasting friendship, enrich faith and strengthen the Christian Values of the Ladies in the Church...more>>

Department Updates
posted by phbrent September 6, 2007
The BARE Department has just started practicing their cheer dance with the help of Brother Antonio Ladapan a BARE student before here at Sunrise Christian College. The department is giving out their fullest effort....more>>

Buwan ng Wika Celebration
posted by phbrent September 5, 2007
Sunrise Christian College celebrated the Buwan ng Wika ( be united in spite of the different languages and dialects present here in the Philippines, census says that our country has approximately more than 5,000 dialects and languages. The theme of the celebration was “Maraming wika, matatag na bansa” (Many Languages for a stronger nation)...more>>

posted by phbrent August 30, 2007
Last July 31,2007, Sunrise Christian College held its Nutrition Day Celebration. The school hosted contests, like poster making contests and quiz bees and many more exciting games. We won the first prize on...more>>

Additional Allowance posted by phbrent August 30, 2007 Good News! Our School President just added P500 pesos to our allowances last August 14, 2007. This was discussed by the Department Governor, Department Representative, Student Supreme Government (SSG) Vice-President and Department Secretary with the School President, School Accountant and School Cashier...more>>

Good bye brother!
posted by phbrent August 30, 2007
Our fellow Brother in the person of Mr. Ritche Samson a Second Year BARE student just quitted studying here in Sunrise Christian College due to personal and health problems. The Department held a farewell party on his last night at the canteen beside the swimming pool. The party ended up in tears and farewells. Brother Ritche spoke and promised us that he would still continue studying at Leyte and promised to help the nearby congregation. May God bless your trip and your aspirations in life!